Welcome to Mould Pro, we perform Mould Removal in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast. Contact us by telephoning 1300-314-113 if you’re in NSW or 1300-662-938 for all other states. You can also contact us via email to get more information about our services or enquire about a professional Mould Inspection.

Our professional mould removal services will expertly identify and remove existing mould and then prevent any future mould growth. Read below to find out more about our excellent Mould Removal services or visit out Mould Removal page.

Mould Removal

Mould growth is caused by excessive moisture in the air of the surrounding environment. This excess moisture is usually caused by things such as leaking pipes, flooding and/or improper ventilation. Mould spores thrive on moisture as it is the key element in mould growth. Due to this, the mould spores have become extremely good at searching for and finding moisture in even the most unusual places. This causes mould to spread very rapidly throughout dark, moist spaces that do not receive proper ventilation. Many people underestimate the rate at which mould patches will spread, often ignoring small mould problems assuming that they have plenty of time to get them under control. By doing this they are creating a much bigger problem for them selves in the long run, and potentially harming themselves and their family if the mould is in fact toxic (e.g. Black Mould).

Our Mould Removal process consists of 5 stages:

1. Inspection – Our Mould Pro experts will search your property for visible growth, invisible mould spores and high moisture levels (by using humidity meters). Once we have thoroughly analysed your property we will determine the correct cause of action needed to be taken in order to remove the mould and prevent its return.

2. Correction – We will stop any direct moisture sources that may be occurring such as, sub floor water seepage, leaking pipes, leaking ceiling, leaking gutters etc. Each customer will need a specific course of action for mould removal based on their situation, so the specifics of each job will be arranged once the initial inspection is complete.

3. Removal – The process starts with a mist spray of our non toxic, non hazardous mould removal agent. The product is then spread across all surfaces and extra scrubbing is undertaken on areas with visible mould growth. During this process air purifiers will be used to capture airborne mould spores, removing them from the environment completely rather than just moving them from once space to another.

4. Dry Out  – If moisture levels in the property are particularly high (e.g. after a big flood), we will place dehumidifiers throughout the home to ensure that the building structures are properly dried. If moisture is left in the air then moisture can continue to thrive and grow again after a removal process.

5. Prevention – To ensure that the mould does not come back, the original root cause of the mould growth must be rectified. As each case is unique, we will advise you on the process that needs to be undertaken in order to achieve this on a case by case basis. Often it will involve increasing ventilation, drainage improvements, dehumidifiers etc.

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About Mould Pro

Mould Pro are experts in mould removal and all treatments around removing and preventing mould. We offer proven professional mould remediation techniques to make your property fresh and hygienic once more.

We have offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, The Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. This doesn’t just mean we service major metropolitan areas, we also have a fleet of technicians that cover all of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Unlike other non-specialist mould cleaning companies, we are trusted by many real estate agents, educational establishments, government departments, care homes and body corporate because we offer outstanding service with exceptional results at affordable prices.

We don’t just deal with internal mould removal, we have experience removing mould from drive ways, retaining walls, concrete surfaces, backyard patios and more. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with all different kinds of mould, there is nothing that they have not seen and removed.

If you have mould on your property then it’s imperative you act quickly – please contact us ASAP  

Please do not try to clean the area before you speak with us as you may spread the mould further.


Our Services

Mould Removal & Prevention

Sub-Floor Ventilation

Rising Damp Removal

Flood Restoration

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Why Choose Mould Pro?


  • Experienced and fully licensed Mould Removal Technicians
  • 100% customer satisfaction rate
  • We strictly follow all Australian health and safety guidelines and all guidelines set out by the IICRC
  • All our mould testing is done in certified, professional laboratories rather than with inaccurate home sampling kits

At Mould Pro, we understand mould better than anyone else. Many people believe that you can simply eradicate mould using bleach, however, this is only a temporary solution.We recognise that mould can only grow in areas where high moisture levels are present, therefore, we find the source of the mould and remove it for good. There can often be thousands of mould spores present in an area of your home without you knowing, as they are practically unseeable with the human eye until the spores start to spread rapidly. In some cases the mould spores can even be smelled before they can be seen, as they hide away in dark, moist areas that often go unnoticed.

By choosing Mould Pro, you are choosing one of the most experienced mould removal companies in Australia. So before your mould problem becomes a serious health hazard, call Mould Pro to get an obligation free quote and stop mould in its tracks.

100% Customer Satisfaction
Thank you MouldPro. Not only did they help get rid of the mould after my house flooded, they took the time to make sure that I understood every step of the process and understood the importance of removing and preventing future infestations. I hope I never have to worry about mould again, but if I do, I know who to call!
Emily Burns
Mould Pro were absolutely amazing, my retaining wall looks brand new! They were transparent and extremely open during every step of the process. The process went smoothly and efficiently from testing right through to the final steps of removal. I would absolutely recommend Mould Pro to anyone who is suffering from mould problems.
Joe Henschke