Mould Pro Offers Reliable Services of Wet & Flooded Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Coming home and knowing that a burst pipe, clogged rest room, or broken down sizzling water system has flooded their home badly, maybe intimidating and annoying experience for anybody. From wet and smelly carpets to flood broken flooring to the building structure, the clean-up and restoration work that you might see in front of you can appear distressing. Practically every family will experience some kind of water damaged carpet in Melbourne at some point in the property’s life. When water damaged carpet is associated with extra advanced kind of damages like damaged pipes, bathroom or sewage back up, rain-water flooding and so on. It is the best option that you should hire a professional water damaged carpet cleaning company to provide you with wet carpet cleaning in Melbourne. Mould Pro offers you professional and competent cleaning services. We are a reputed and experienced flood damage restoration firm.

If this moisture is not removed, it will connect to different surfaces in your property, inflicting secondary damage of mould and mildew. Well, to resolve this dilemma, call our operatives to restore your wet carpet in Melbourne. We also use Dehumidifiers to absorb the moisture that’s launched into the air during the drying process.

We at Mould Pro are a certified licensed company with IICRC accreditations is IICRC Accredited in Carpet Cleaning and Restoration and have 15 years’ experience. We can provide all specialised services, which include our 4 Step process below.

  1. Vacuuming your carpet to remove as much dirt and soil from as deep within the carpet as possible using our powerful vacuums
  2. Apply a pre-spray to the surface of your carpet. There are several reasons for this. Pre-spraying the carpet tends to use less chemical, which is a cost saving. Pre-spraying also allows the chemical to dwell on the carpet, breaking down and dissolving soils so that they can be more effectively removed by the extractor.
  3. We will use a carpet agitator to the surface of the carpet after pre-spraying to scrub the surface of the carpet pile to get ready for the final steam clean and extraction
  4. Finally, we will steam clean your carpets to extract all soil and dirt from the carpet

Should you find your carpet has been flooded or water damaged, provided we attend within 24 – 48 hours of the damage occurring, we can restore your carpets to a pre-loss condition. We will conduct the initial water extraction to remove as much of the saturation as possible, followed by setting up our specialised drying equipment to ensure the allowable moisture reading have been met to prevent mould growth. The Mould Growth can occur within 48 – 72 hours if the carpets or structure have not been dried properly or in the recommended time frame. Once we have completed the extraction and drying process, we will finish off by steam cleaning your carpets to leave them in a pre-loss condition.

At Mould Pro, we provide immediate services for restoration of flooded carpet in Melbourne. Our services include flood-damaged carpet drying, extraction of dust, excess water elimination and everything that it takes to get your wet carpet in Melbourne to look just like the day it was first put in. At Mould Pro, we strive to attend to all water damage restoration, flooded carpet restore and wet carpet drying requirements of Melbourne residents.

If we think it needed, we will lift your carpet and underlay to maximise drying of the affected subfloor. Mould Pro’s skilled flood damage restoration professionals provide 24-hours emergency cleaning and wet carpet drying services. Moreover, our technician uses a new technology reporting system as per insurance coverage firms’ requirements.

Our services embody extraction of dirt and water, sanitization, carpet odour and mildew therapy in addition to carpet cleaning and carpet drying. We make sure that your flooded carpet is well cared for. For more than 15 years we have been in the business of cleaning and drying flooded and water damaged carpets.

When you choose us, you will be dealing with experienced professionals who can advise you on tips on how to deal with your carpet flood damage and repairs. At Mould Pro, we are not going to only restore your carpet with certified and proven strategies of drying, but also work directly on your behalf together with your insurance coverage company – regardless of how big or small the job. Excess water from flooding can spell catastrophe for the carpets in your Melbourne residence. We can nonetheless help you dry your carpet to stop any further harm.

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You should call us immediately should you come home to a flooded property so we can attend very quickly to save your carpets. We provide a 24/7 Emergency Response for all flooded or water damaged carpets. Please call us on 1300 662 938 or email