Mould Surface & Air Testing

As part of the inspection process, Mould Pro can on request conduct surface swab sampling and air sampling using a calibrated Bio Pump. These samples will then be sent off to our independent Mould Lab for scientific analysis and culture. Mould Pro will then provide an independent analytical report from our Mould lab.

If you think you may have a Mould problem within your property, this is the only way to determine what level of contamination your property may have. This is also a great way to prove to your landlord, agent or even a tribunal in some cases that there is Mould within the property. The Swab sampling is a great way to test your personal belongings to verify any contamination that may have infected them as a result of airborne mould.

Mould Pro has had a lot of clients stating they are suffering from a lot of symptoms which are Mould related, however, their local GP does not recognise that their home may be contaminated with Mould. Surface and air sampling has been a very important way to prove you may be occupying a property that is contaminated with potentially harmful mould.

If you suspect you have Mould in your property but can’t seem to locate it, we recommend you call Mould Pro immediately and we’ll organise a surface or air test right away.

Ask your consultant about testing your house during the initial inspection.

Check out our Mould Removal page to learn more about the process and what it will mean for you.

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